Boating Regulations


All Boating must occur from designated parking and launching areas.

All boating must occur within Eustis Lake or outside of installation boundaries on navigable waterways. Entry into tidal creeks and wetlands is prohibited.

Please refer to VA Department of Wildlife Resources boating website for boating regulations. Primary boating participant must have taken a valid boater safety course. 

IAW JBLE I 32-102, personal floatation devices are required to be worn by persons 16 years of age and under when in boats on the Installation. Personal flotation devices must be accessible for persons 17 years of age and older. Floatation devices in covered compartments are not considered accessible.

Please remember to check-in and check out before boating on the Installation.

Accessing, traversing through, or occupying any non-fishing area or Training Area closed to fishing for any reason is strictly forbidden.  Any person found within the boundary of any area closed to fishing will be ticketed by Security Forces personnel and placed on administrative hold from iSportsman.